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Know a Nominee: Brian Miller to Be Special Inspector General for Pandemic Recovery
by Causes
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  • Julie
    Voted Oppose

    A person who has been a personal assistant to the trump, who participated in the White House attorney’s extensive efforts to bend the laws in order to protect the trump from oversight; this person, Brian Miller, to be appointed as the trump’s Inspector General to provide non-biased oversight to monitor the waste, fraud or abuse of the trump’s allocation and management of CARES funding. … … … Can any trumpublican even spell ‘Conflict of Interest’? How can this be tolerated by any Senate legislator? Any American? Anyone? … … … I do not care what Miller may say during confirmation hearings, if that would make any difference with the Senate majority. The question is what might he be prone to overlook due to his prior experience and complicity with the administration? We heard a lot of lawyerly scripted talk from Barr during his confirmation hearings and just look at how corrupted and complicit our AG has become in protecting the trump from oversight and corrupting the DOJ’S administration of justice to support the trump. THIS APPOINTMENT IS INSANE AND SHOULD NOT BE PERMITTED- IT RUNS COUNTER TO WHAT AN IG IS SUPPOSED TO BE AND WHAT AN IG IS SUPPOSED TO DO.

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