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Your Thoughts on Racism & Police Violence in America
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  • KellyKelly
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    I’ve witnessed it to my African American friends and counterparts. Friends in NYC who endured stop and frisk, or a friend of mine who couldn’t get a cab because they see a black man and they won’t stop; but they would stop for me. Mind you he was a film industry executive. One of the worst incidents, at my last employer, was 2 junior managers who reported to me, one senior level white British man, the other a junior African American woman. I discovered he was stealing her work and representing it as his own. She also reported it to me Nd several other employees came forward witnessing him doing it. I made numerous reports to HR, my boss and even one of the owner’s of the company - a white woman. She was the ultimate decision maker. And she would not do anything to support me firing him, disciplining him. I finally left because I had exhausted all the tools I had to make positive change. Before I left I advocated that young African American at least get promoted - because she was at least 100x more talented than that guy. But it made me sick - especially because they are a digital media company that says they support women, especially women of color - but apparently the exception is if the owner is chummy with the British white guy.

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