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Trump Warns of Military Deployment if Riots Continue: We Can't Let 'Righteous Cries of Peaceful Protesters' Be 'Drowned Out by An Angry Mob'
by Causes
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  • Ingrid
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    This action by Trump threatening to activate the active duty military to use against protestors in the name of “law and order” is rich in irony, considering all the less-than-legal things Trump himself has done in the last 3 years plus. But more than that, it is scary as hell: Trump’s statements about “dominating” the situation and using the military against his own citizens struck me immediately as Trump’s “Hitler and the Reichstag Fire” moment. His statements about putting the nation’s top military Commanders “in charge” just reinforced that feeling. Hopefully, it’s just Trump throwing around more bullying tactics. I hope Congress is paying attention, and will act to counter any real attempt to actually take over in a dictatorial fashion with a swift unanimous Article 25. Trump is being the opposite of helpful in this situation. We need from our President the sort of empathy and supportive statement like the one made in Indianapolis by Senator Robert Kennedy after the assassination of Martin Luther King, not the incendiary statements of meeting violence with greater violence. The vast majority of protestors are peaceful, and making a fully justified protest about the death of George Floyd, which was cruel, out of proportion to Floyd’s actions, unwarranted and just the final spark of such racial injustice in this country.

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