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Trump Calls Governors ‘Weak,’ Urges Them to ‘Dominate’ Protesters
by Causes
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  • Lance
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    I’m sorry! Tonight’s display of force by the American military against Americans- just for a photo opportunity in front of St Johns Church, c’mon man! His hand didn’t even burn when he touched the Holy Bible! The martial law is beginning and it can’t be stopped. tRump will attempt to win at all odds. It’s true, we have a mental health crisis in America and it’s in the Oval Office. What is unfolding before our eyes is mortifying! I’ve never been this scared to live in America as I do now. tRump refers to MAGA more than the representation of the words - sadly, I just realized MAGA meant Make America Go Away. Our elected leaders and representatives are all silent. Democrats, Republicans, Independents - all silent!!! Hiding. Term limits for all! We condemn other countries and sovereignties for doing exactly what we did tonight!!! So sad, so very sad. 2020 is a year of horrific change, all the wrong ways. Still, some 100 days have passed, where are the tests? Where is the relief from this Corona Virus and every time we see these crowds of protesters - we are seeing the beginnings of COVID-20, v4.0!!! All this unwarranted use of force in DC today, ALL because tRump was upset about him and family being moved to the bunker, for their safety as a precaution. DC Apprentice on a channel soon. C’mon Man!!!!

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