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Your Thoughts on Racism & Police Violence in America
by Causes
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  • Cynthia
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    My foster kids are Dominican by ethnic heritage. They are light brown skinned, but their hair is very curly due to their mixed race genetics of Indian, Spanish, and Africans. Their hair is very curly and nappy unless they straighten it. Once one of my foster daughters was with me for my mother’s funeral in Georgia. She had worn her hair in long dreads held back by a scarf head wrap. We went into my favorite store to shop for a few things. I noticed that a white store clerk was following my foster daughter and watching everything she did. So I then followed the store clerk wondering what she was doing. Was it an accident she was following her? Very time my daughter touched something and put it down the clerk went over to take area and checked the items. It looked like she was making sure it was all there. So I said something to her asking her if I could help her? She said no and quickly moved to another location where she continued watching my daughter. It took me awhile to have it occur to me that she thought my foster daughter was going to shoplift items. She followed her (who appeared to be a light black) over following me who appears completely Caucasian. When I went into that store alone I never had a problem. This was in a small town in southwest Georgia. In that same area my Caucasian cousin trained as a nurse and expressed concern to me that recently blacks had bought the hospital system in her town and had the idea that blacks were favoring blacks in hiring practices and was very angry about that. When I asked her what evidence she had of that, she could not answer. She claimed they were very rude and hard to get along with. The idea that people of black heritage are all criminals and thrives MUST CHANGE. Also the idea that they are intentionally rude, taking over and excluding whites in the job market must change. But there are cultural differences that need to be bridged. Reintegration of our children does help with that and, I feel, this law must be enforced. We will never see each other as human beings all equal in the eyes of God if we do not mix together in our experiences from a very early age where our children can learn from their elders and observe them treating people from various different ethnic and gen

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