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Your Thoughts on Racism & Police Violence in America
by Causes
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  • John
    Voted No

    Of course I haven’t I’m a white American male but I have plenty of friends that aren’t white American males that I have. What’s contributing to this problem greatly is that we have a president that’s totally unstable. And as this in the history of our country hasn’t happened before we seem to not know how to deal with it. That needs to be rectified. Trump is doing nothing but egging on the racial instability to try to cover up the fact that he’s killed over 105,000 people and totally ruined the American economy in just 3 1/2 years. What more does this man have to do to prove he has a mental problem? He needs to be gone. And a new layer of protection for the American people needs to be added to stop this from happening in the future. When a president shows himself to be mentally unstable he needs to be removed instead of dragging it out for 3 1/2 years. Look what it’s cost us it is absolutely ridiculous. For the most part I lay the blame on the republican party for allowing this moron to be an office for so long, they could’ve been done with him, the facts were laid on the table at the impeachment trials this idiot could be gone and we wouldn’t have 105,000 people dead we wouldn’t have an economy that is nothing short of a total wreck. And we wouldn’t have an asshole in office who says things like you loot we shoot. What a complete and utter sick ass. What the F is wrong with the republican party?

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