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Democrats Release Updated House Schedule With 42 Voting Days the Rest of the Year - Should They Increase Their Workload?
by Causes
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  • jimK
    Voted No

    This is an irrelevant question. Sitting at one's station for even an interminable amount of time has absolutely nothing to do with what they accomplish. The House should devote it's time to addressing the needs of our populace and our States as we will have to still deal with the pandemic which has not just gone away- it is only momentarily hidden by the huckster in chief's cloud of distractions. People who are suffering need support. States going broke by having to deal with the on-the-ground realities of Covid-19, having to compete with one another and the federal government bidding up the cost of needed supplies, having to come up with their own logistics and battle strategies with no national leadership need/deserve support since their cost burdens are the direct result of the trump's inability to lead, to coordinate or to this very day, come up with any kind of coherent national strategy. The misallocation of CARES funds to large businesses, allied companies and supporters did not help people who are struggling and was a piss-poor response compared to what most peer nations did to support their populace. Pandemic first- make this right. Monitoring second - let's see where those funds really went. Oversight third- let's see if the Supreme Court is still able to honor our constitution and perform it's role as a checking and balancing branch of our government and not delay decisions regarding release of the trump's tax returns for a millennium- what good are Congressionally mandated checks and balances if the court's are allowed to be played to string out determinations until they are no longer relevant. Why have the trump's tax returns not been released to the House so they can fulfill their mandated role of investigating the Executive Branch? Why has the House subpoena powers not been ratified without the yo-yo up the courts and down the courts repeated gyrations - isn't clearly resolving that issue a key determination which requires the highest priority as it is directly relates to the very function of our democratic processes? If the House can successfully deal with just these these issues, they will have done a great service to the country- I do not care how long they have to sit in session- the benefit is in what they do, not in how long they sit tending their stations. … … … I wish that the Senate would also address some of these issues instead of rushing back to DC just confirm right-wing opined federal judges, often determined to be unqualified or incompetent by judicial scholars and the ABA- or the appointment of a direct member of the trump's staff and a contributing partner to the trump's abuses of office as the Inspector General required to monitor the executive branch's waste, fraud and abuse. … … … The trumublican Senate needs to caucus for the next several months in one of those remote mountain retreats with no ability to leave, so they can get their corruption better planned and executed - so it is not so obvious. Oh yeah, they should not wear any of those sissy masks while they caucus and members need to each spend a great deal of up close and personal quality time with Moscow Mitch. After this three month retreat we would certainly gain a much better trumpublican Senate.

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