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Trump Calls Governors ‘Weak,’ Urges Them to ‘Dominate’ Protesters
by Causes
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  • Aaron
    Voted Yes

    So the response to police violence is to become more violent, all while your pasty orange ass hides out in a bunker afraid to face anyone. I’m guessing my South Carolina congressman will back this full fledge. It doesn’t matter that a majority of the people causing and instigating the violence are right wing groups and also extreme left wing groups. It will all be blamed on liberals and the left because that is his playbook. All of you right wing conservative’s were so pissed off when black Americans sided with Kaepernick and tried to peacefully protest and warn about this, you didn’t listen. When groups try and peacefully protest now, there’s massive sabotage by people that are trying to start a race war. We are witnessing history happening, and all you constitutional hawks will witness the rights you claim to hold so dear be taken away. However as long as it’s not happened to you it’s not your problem right? However it is your right to march on state capitals wearing full body gear with your AK 47‘s in demanding restaurants and barbershops open and that wearing a mask goes against your constitutional right huh. But you’re all for the military coming in and the police shooting/injuring/harming anyone else, as long as it’s not you. That’s a massive hypocrite, but you don’t care. This president is scum, his message is bs, and the congressman in South Carolina won’t do a damn thing to stand up to him or his supporters who feed on his racism and hate.

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