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Trump Terminates U.S. Relationship With WHO, Ends Special Status for Hong Kong After China Violates its Autonomy
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  • Sasha
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    It’s completely inappropriate to sever ties with the WHO during a pandemic and probably ever. If there is corruption with the WHO, then the time to deal with that is AFTER the pandemic has run its course, not in the midst of it when 100,000 + Americans have died and are continuing to’s not over in the slightest... This president is not making any sane, rational or wise decisions for the good of the American people and his recklessness is causing unnecessary sickness, death and mayhem. Enough already! The leader of this great country during current world problems should be someone who collaborates and comes together with other world leaders in solidarity and not someone who is further isolating us while we continue to to have more of an issue with Covid than most other countries and not someone who makes everything about politics and prioritizes his own interests and reelection campaign over the health and safety of other human beings.


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