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Senate Confirms Pandemic Recovery Inspector General & District Court Judges, Unanimously Passes PPP Flexibility Bill
by Causes
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  • Rick

    So many delusional morons that apparently prefer to live under the corrupt anti-American anti-Constitution communist (that is exactly what progressives are, read their history) aristocrats and be subservient to them. It is time to clean house of all elitist politicians, operatives, and financiers and to restore Constitutional governance and the Liberty of the People! The communist conspiracy that has been sapping our strength and mis-educating our children for the past century is making its move to take control. The ultimately corrupt Obama administration though they had corrupted enough federal agencies and the deep state to finally pull off their destruction of the Constitution and the Republic, and install their version of a tyrannical feudalistic state in which We the People are relegated to the status of serfs. They were shocked when the People voted down the corrupt TRAITOR Clinton (both the Clinton's are TRAITORS and have repeatedly sold US out for cash!). Now they are back with a vengeance trying to complete their coups. Americans of all races must arise and take back their country before it is gone! I note that the vast majority of the present coordinated attacks on our cities have occurred in places run by democrat politicians. The democrat party NEVER delivers on promises made to their voters. Instead, the leadership gets wealthy off of the serfs on their plantation! This has not changed since the formation of the party! Look up their history! OUST THEM THIS YEAR! Once they are gone, we can turn our attention to those rino's that don't believe in the Constitution and the Liberty of the People. We must rid ourselves of the most dangerous first, then move on to address successive threats.

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