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President Trump to Designate Antifa a Domestic Terrorist Organization For Inciting Riots & Hijacking Peaceful Protests
by Causes
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    If you are not anti-fascist, you are pro-fascist. I've seen Antifa people in interviews and the looters etc don't look like them. They look like people who have nothing and therefore nothing to lose taking advantage of the situation. There's also another element of instigators dressed like commandos who I suspect are right wing extremists (Fascist). There is also a long history of undercover police agents acting as provocateurs that needs to be considered. Lastly, while the catalyst of this is the atrocious treatment of people based on their skin color, it should not be missed that this now about Americans taking their country back and fulfilling the promises of our Founding Fathers that all people are created equal and in a just society there is a humane limit to the disparity between the haves and the have nots. Right now, 99% of us are have nots.


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