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President Trump to Designate Antifa a Domestic Terrorist Organization For Inciting Riots & Hijacking Peaceful Protests
by Causes
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  • PaulaS
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    Im not for the destruction of property and instigators of violence at peaceful protests. But I am not convinced that antifac as a group is responsible for these acts of violence though there are individuals who are. Let the conversations we have now be about dismantling the white supremacy of this nation. Let’s put action into equality. If any group/s is/are to be placed on the domestic terrorist list, let’s start with the Klansmen and Neo Nazis. Antifac has often put themselves their bodies on the line to protect people of color. Police must be arrested and tried for every murder they have committed against People of Color. The list of victims of police brutality is too long so I will simply leave it at this #BlackLivesMatter Do something about it now! Before this country is ripped apart and burnt to the ground.

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