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U.S. Cities Crack Down on Protests Against Police Brutality
by Axios
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  • Jim2423
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    There are folks who protest police abuse, generally peacefully, but as soon as the parade of demonstrators are finished, here comes the sleezeball rioters. The first group applied for a permit to demonstrate. The rest are criminals. They feel this gives them permission to loot, burn and destroy public and private property. The media covers it giving glory to the rioters and nothing to the peaceful protesters. Law enforcement can only set up barricades and ease the rioters back. If one officer were to touch a rioter there is the media for police brutality. It is a no win situation for taxpayers and law enforcement. It is very hard today to get rid of a bad employee, no matter where they work. We have become a coddling State. Rioters are just letting off pent up COVID-19 steam. BS! They are law breakers just like bad employees. A waste of taxpayers money. Who hates bad policemen worse than anyone, a good police officer.

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