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Nursing Homes Hit Hard by COVID-19 Pandemic - Are You Worried About Residents’ Safety?
by Causes
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  • Kathleen
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    When a person goes to school to learn and train how to take of patients and become a nurse and once they get a job at a nursing home are told to forget everything you've learned is frightening. I know quite a few who have and I could not believe it! It's almost like it's a dead end job so who cares just show up for work. The homes are short staffed for starters and that's the number one problem. The nursing homes ended up being hot spots because others brought in the virus. Then there's the fact that some of the patients don't understand anything anymore so one gets it and passes it along. You can tell an elderly person not to wonder around because of the virus but they forget what you just said. It's not easy taking care of one person that has memory issues never mind a building full. Sure there are those who love their job but there are the ones who don't. I've seen it! I've blasted them for it before. If you hate your job so much then quit! Don't endanger patients! This would not have been so bad if some people did their jobs in the first place! I totally blame the ass-in-chief for the spreading of this virus like wildfire. Telling people it's nothing. It'll go away. It's a democratic hoax. No, instead...don't forget to drink some disinfectant. Shine a light up your ass or down your throat. Don't tell the people the truth that would have saved the 100,000 plus lives lost. Don't let supplies get to the hospitals and or nursing homes. This shit wouldn't be happening if the ass-in-chief did his job!!! This wouldn't be happening if real science and the people who knew what to do right away were still in their jobs to warn us that this was coming. So yeah I totally blame him for it all! This was just a political stunt for him. If enough people die that would not vote for him that's a political win. Get it!?! Sounds crazy right!?! But it's freaking true! No empathy whatsoever! Just f***ing bullshit flying out of his mouth daily. Has f***ing tweet storms to distract people. He's never cared, doesn't care and never will unless it raises his throne higher. Don't forget...he is the chosen one!

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