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Are You Concerned About Foreign or Domestic Interference in the 2020 Election?
by We Hold These Truths
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  • Peggy
    Voted Yes

    Am I concerned? Absolutely! The Russians interfered in 2016! Arguably--maybe--but in all probability that interference is the reason why we have Donald John Trump in the Oval Office. We know without a doubt that the interference occurred and WILL happen again in 2020. We can't be certain to what degree it will affect our election outcome and that is the reason for worry. If we could just shrug our shoulders with an attitude that, "Oh well, 'they' can try but it won't change anything," then we could just get on with our business. We do NOT have such assurance. And. Add to that, "Moscow Mitch" has refused to consider ANY effort to stop such interference. Dare I speculate that he might even WELCOME their interference? That being said, what's not to worry? In fact, those who aren't worried assuredly are NOT paying attention.

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