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U.S. Cities Crack Down on Protests Against Police Brutality
by Axios
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  • Frank-001
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    Peaceful Public Demonstrations are useful as tools but after a while when the anger of protesters erupts into violence another approach is needed. The first step is exerting control over the rock & bottle throwers, fire bombers and the looters. The actions of these people is unacceptable. The next step is to genuinely address the issues. 1. Purge the racist politicians in office. 2. Purge the bureaucrats like DAs who facilitate racist practices. 3. Purge police departments of people unfit to be cops, including in state police 4. The culture of racism still present in Police Departments needs to be broken up ASAP. 5. Official education as to how to deal with police should be part of high school civics (perhaps even junior high school). Disrespecting cops is just not smart. Resisting arrest is just not smart.

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