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Nursing Homes Hit Hard by COVID-19 Pandemic - Are You Worried About Residents’ Safety?
by Causes
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  • Celiaann
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    Having worked in Long Term Care for many years and knowing the challenges for staff on a good day. The patient load is heavy, staff shortages regularly and poor pay for nursing assistants, Make a good day difficult. Not having the proper OOE in addition to the relaxation of regulations for inspections and essentially taking the teeth out of those inspections there is no doubt that this pandemic has hit these facilities very hard. Moreover, many (if not all) facilities are locked down so no visitors to oversee their family. Making an elderly person more apt to abuse, neglect and loneliness. What’s worse is that there seems to be some states don’t report the numbers of positive cases. Lastly, the final count of cases and deaths in LTC and assisted living will be staggering! Thank you DJT for jacking up the checks and balances that are NEEDED to protect vulnerable populations!

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