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Declassified Transcripts of General Flynn's Calls With Russian Ambassador Kislyak Released
by Causes
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  • Wanda
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    He was a spy working as USA National Security Chief . He’s a fucking traitors .. That’s how corrupt the Trump Administration truly is. They started of shitting on Rule of Law-Constitution- and Democracy GOP is a group of political mercenaries who’s goal is destroy America- In my lifetime the republican party has wrecked havoc on the lives of American citizens Michael Cohen warned everyone, Trump uses people. Trump is thoroughly corrupt, Wait till we get the final bill. Trump doesn’t like what going on he pretends it does not exist.Today over 100,000 people have died in 3 months and we still do not have proper testing to save Americans. Another black man murdered by police, and all trump can think to say, is more violence. The blood of Americans is on the impeachment senators who let this rotten man back into the people’s house. GOP is a homegrown terrorist Organization.. funded by the wealthiest people in America & supported by television network & Twitter. He is pure evil Congressperson

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