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Trump Terminates U.S. Relationship With WHO, Ends Special Status for Hong Kong After China Violates its Autonomy
by Causes
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  • Steven
    Voted Sad

    He treats congressmen and congress women...let me put it this way, if a democrat opposes any of his idea he bad mouths them somewhat but if a Republican opposes him, well he runs them right out of the Republican Party. He’s no better at running the country. No diplomats, no plans, not much of a vocabulary and the absolute worst sense of humor. He only represents his and his families greed. How long will the Republican congressmen allow him to bend them over? That was a rhetorical question, he makes us all feel uncomfortable. Stupidity is not a God given constitutional right in this country yet. Impeach him again, vote him out, indict him and his accomplices. That would be the easiest and best way to get sfb gone and make America and the world great again. His base follows him without questions or there own solutions. Certainly there are other solutions to all the other worlds problems which a fool for the USA’s president has created. Let’s hear some solutions from other Republicans then trump. Most of the republicans in my family don’t and never have considered tRump a Republican or a conservative. Let’s hear from some other republicans. Manfromnebraska or caren what say you about the options on the Republican plate or is the great divider trump the only solution?


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