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Are Houses of Worship Essential During a Pandemic?
by Causes
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  • choosefreedom
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    I do not agree that we are having a pandemic. I do not agree that We The People should be banned from our churches, synagogues, places of worship. You elected people are there to serve We The People and you have been controlling We The People with your bs rules and laws aimed to curb a virus you'll never control. Quit starving us in our homes, quit barring us from working and living our lives while you all keep receiving your paychecks and roam freely!! Quit controlling our human rights to eat, work, pray, worship and gather together you indecent, inhumane power hungry idiots!! I do not consent! I do not consent to any of this, nor to a vaccine, or penalties you cook up for not taking your vaccine drug that none of you will have any liability for the damages caused, nor do I consent to tracking or tracing me as an American citizen! #BillOfRights #HumanRights #ConstitutionalRights

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