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Nursing Homes Hit Hard by COVID-19 Pandemic - Are You Worried About Residents’ Safety?
by Causes
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  • Michael j
    Voted Yes

    Nursing homes throughout Texas have among the worst health and safety records in the USA comparable to 2nd World countries yet, the SS GOP Stormtrooper Goons falsely claim America leads the world in healthcare so much so Herr Trump and his spineless minions are scheming to cut public health insurance and other Entitlement programs. Meanwhile the so-called Christian Right is wasting $billions$ on a worthless wall Mexico was supposed to pay for. Lies, double dealing, and profiting special interest groups is the order of business. They don’t ask Jesus for forgiveness because their religion is so perverted it encourages them. Sad. You reap what you sow. Vote out the Trump Sewer Rats in 2020. Turn Texas Blue!!

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