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Trump Calls Minneapolis Protesters ‘THUGS’ and Threatens ‘Looting’ Will Lead to ‘Shooting’ – Twitter Hides Tweet for ‘Glorifying Violence’
by Causes
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  • David

    Here is what happens to a police officer in this situation. I live in Pa. 1) he looses his job, health benefits and pension. 2) he looses almost all of his friends and family. They will abandon him. 3) there will be local civil lawsuits filed against him. 4) there will be federal civil rights violation law suits filed against him. 5) the city will also be sued. This likely will result in a large settlement against the city. 6) this could lead to increased city taxes to cover the judgement. 7) if the city has liability insurance that might cover the judgement, they will face increased premiums or be dropped altogether, leaving the city without liability insurance. 8) note that punitive damage judgements are not usually covered by insurance. Life as he knew it is over. In other words, that officer is totally fucked. Any one out there want his job?


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