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Trump Terminates U.S. Relationship With WHO, Ends Special Status for Hong Kong After China Violates its Autonomy
by Causes
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  • Matthew
    Voted Apathetic

    First the Racist in Chief DOES NOT SPEAK FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE (WE voted for Hillary.), so when he does these dumbass decisions like pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement, the Iran Nuclear Deal, or today’s World Health Organization, he does not speak for the American people. He speaks to his own ineptitude and to his master Putin’s bidding. As far as the China issue, I admit I do not know about the reasons for the Racist’s action BUT I do not believe now is the time for rash and distracting actions, which I believe this is. The Racist is desperate to move on from his continued murder spree with Coronavirus, which he continues to believe it will go away forever on its own.

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