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Trump Calls Minneapolis Protesters ‘THUGS’ and Threatens ‘Looting’ Will Lead to ‘Shooting’ – Twitter Hides Tweet for ‘Glorifying Violence’
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  • John

    If you are an evangelical or a Christian person and you support Donald Trump I am calling you out right now. This “I can grab any woman I want by the pussy” to the man who shares a high degree of responsibility for the 100,000+ deaths in America is about as Un-religious as any person I’ve ever seen. In fact the vast majority of his beliefs system go against any religion I’ve ever heard of. If you call yourself religious and you support this idiot at this point I think your religion is a little fuzzy and I think you have something else in play besides religion. This man has allowed the deaths of 100,000 Americans Through his own complete and total negligence denying the virus even existed to ruining our national economy and so nothing but the decent across America by spreading his complete and utter lies on a daily bases. It’s time for this charade to end. If you call yourself religious and you truly are there’s no way you can support this moron, let’s get rid of this guy let’s make this country worth living in again.

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