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Defending ‘Free Speech From One of the Gravest Dangers’ – Do You Support Trump’s Executive Order Against Social Media Companies?
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  • Robert
    Voted Support

    Yes I support the move by President Trump. With all the lies and misleading statements put out by left leaning leaders and no fact check but the right makes a statement that in case the President believes to be true then that is fact check. In Calimexico they had an official that mailed out mail in ballots to every registered voter. Now if they were requested by a mail in request that is one thing but that is one person that has decided in their area not one person has moved their residence since the election of 2018. They also were mailed multiple ballots. Was that by mistake to receive two ballots for one person. The way this system as supposed to work was you would receive one ballot which you could mail in or you could go to the polls on Election Day a Nd if honest turn in both ballots and vote in the booth. However if you really wanted to be sneaky you could mail in one ballot and go on Election Day and turn in the by e other mail in ballot and then get in the booth to get a second vote. We all deserve to cast one legal vote to vote illegally as a non eligible voter or to cast more than one vote dilutes the legal person that is voting for their candidate of their choice of either party. The same things go for states that don’t have checking of ID’s. The persons that say not everyone has a picture ID after the age of 18 is lying or not trying to get one. Every state has free picture only Identifying card issued by the DMV. Go into a Federal building and try to get in without a picture ID. Go to a hotel to get a room, go to a bank to open an account or to cash a check, go rent a car, go try to get on an airplane or a cruise ship. Go across the Mexico or Canada border. Go to a Joe Biden or President Trump Rally and tell any of the above people you don’t have a picture ID. If grandma is 89 years old and is bed ridden in her nursing home arrangements can be made for an official to come get her picture and to fill out her paperwork and to take it to get a picture ID. I believe even an officer of the court like a lawyer could even then get her registered to vote and placed on the voter roles so she could have a mail in ballot.


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