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Trump Calls Minneapolis Protesters ‘THUGS’ and Threatens ‘Looting’ Will Lead to ‘Shooting’ – Twitter Hides Tweet for ‘Glorifying Violence’
by Causes
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  • verymary

    While Minneapolis and Saint Paul burn…the treasured photograph of a small child crumbles to ashes on a policeman’s desk. Mourners and civil rights activists are displaced by looters and arsonists. A black man’s stunned and heartbroken family fails to comprehend why he died. Yet more people lose their jobs, and yet more businesses go under. Hundreds more victims, thousands more victims fall prey to the coronavirus. Shock and grief produce anger. Anger produces fear. And silence resonates from the White House. Then, finally, this: “When the looting starts, the shooting starts.” In the midst of horror, Donald Trump has defined his unforgivable limitations as a human being. So now he’s talking about China.

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