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Trump Calls Minneapolis Protesters ‘THUGS’ and Threatens ‘Looting’ Will Lead to ‘Shooting’ – Twitter Hides Tweet for ‘Glorifying Violence’
by Causes
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  • Matt

    I saw these tweets come out in real time last night. The fact that Trump does not get the plight of black people and the fact racial injustices and discrimination has increased drastically since he successfully ran for president and that his rhetoric doesnt help things is appalling. For him to even suggest the use of military might to shoot those “thugs” as he called them, which is basically a genocidal act, is unbecoming of a president. Twitter was right to remove his tweets, but the good thing is that while a tweet may be gone, if we screenshot it, those screenshots are FOREVER. We will never let Trump forget this, or any of his other questionable tweets that get deleted. As for my senators and congressman, i would appreciate it if you all condemn this behavior from Trump. Especially you, Congressman Zeldin. Remember where you come from, and the fact that in the same village that you have your office in, an unarmed Latino male was stabbed to death by a group of 7 teens in 2008, and yet you and the rest of the Trumpublican leaders on Long Island allowed our president on the campaign trail in 2016 to visit our village, at a venue mere blocks from the crime scene, when Trump constantly spews racist and anti-immigrant rhetoric on a regular basis. Do not sit back and let things such as this and previous racially charged tweets and comments go unheard and unnoticed. Someone needs to stand up for what is right and tell him that his behavior is wrong, even if it risks losing votes or support from people in your party. Morality and doing the right thing KNOWS NO POLITICAL PARTY! Remember Congressman, you are up for reelection in November. Choose your actions carefully.

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