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Defending ‘Free Speech From One of the Gravest Dangers’ – Do You Support Trump’s Executive Order Against Social Media Companies?
by Causes
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  • Hector
    Voted Oppose

    God my Representatives need to gain understanding on the coup de tat going to and stand up an speak to their constituents and rally we the people to use our power to stop the oligarchs in America from their devil's schemes to destroy us and the world. Need dear on warming not each other. There's no sanity by the white House, the Senate or Supreme Court. The Congress is not doing it's job. The rich got 6 trillion to do their stock buybacks while all we all got 1200 dollars. The Fed is a joke and if Abe Lincoln wasn't assassinated he wouldn't ended the Fed being a private company. F all y'all politicians your a joke. The cooperations seen as real live people, c'mon grow up and bring the change for sanity to our disastrous country.

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