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Ex-Officers Charged in George Floyd's Death, DOJ Continues Criminal Probe of Civil Rights Violations as 'Top Priority'
by Causes
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  • Albert
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    Yes !! You damn right!! Along with this they should investigate every single precinct in the nation especially the southern states because they also think that they are god! The also think that they can use their badge to do anything they want!! Each and everyone should be mandated to wear the body cameras and also have them mounted in and out of their vehicles. Also, I think that they must be under a back ground check like they do in Europe because those officers are required to have their complete history from childhood to present checked, along with a background of their parents. That is just the beginning! They also should have their parents and grandparents checked . Finally, the individual who wants to be a cop for the right reason like protect and defend everyone !Honor their oath and present themselves as a beacon of trust, compassion, and safety. They should go through rigorous training to handle the possible situations that they would encounter on the job. The police in Germany for example have to go through 8 years of training before even to be considered! So, should our people!!

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