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The DC: Trump signs executive order targeting Twitter, and... Do you support the DOJ’s criminal probe into the death of George Floyd?
by Causes
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  • Dicr

    Typical trumplicans, look for any democrat to blame. Amy Klobuchar isn’t the racist. Donnie built his cult with the racist birther lie long before he came down the escalator. When he called a gang of white thugs, who marched at night carrying torches and chanting hate speech in Charlottesville good people, he was emboldening racist. The wall he was going to get Mexico to pay for was a racist monument to his cult. His attacks on Muslims and all nonwhites at the border are racist. Attacking the NFL when black players peacefully protested their injustice was a blatantly racist ploy to raise tensions in this country. He is continually praising openly racist people on social media and reposting their racist propaganda. Donald Trump is so racist that just denying it proves you’re a racist.

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