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Defending ‘Free Speech From One of the Gravest Dangers’ – Do You Support Trump’s Executive Order Against Social Media Companies?
by Causes
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  • Marylynn
    Voted Oppose

    I oppose the moron in the White House making false statements on social media or in his press briefings, at his rallies, etc.. If he's unable to tell the truth he should keep his big fat piehole shut. It's funny, if anyone else, more importantly a Democrat had been fact checked, he'd be all over it in a heartbeat.... He's just having another one of his temper tantrums because Twitter fact checked him. Here's a thought, close your twitter account, keep your mouth shut, better yet "tell the truth"... Oh, but wait he's a habitual liar and that's never going to change. I love the fact that his recent post about the riots in MN, were deemed against the rules on Twitter. It's about damn time Twitter did something. Hey, Comrade Bone Spurs take your executive order on social media websites and shove them up your enormous ass. You pathetic little cry baby....

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