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Ex-Officers Charged in George Floyd's Death, DOJ Continues Criminal Probe of Civil Rights Violations as 'Top Priority'
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  • Miriam
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    U.S. police forces train extensively with the Israeli military. In fact, hundreds of federal, state, local, and even some campus law enforcement departments across the country have trained in some capacity with the Israeli forces who gun down Palestinians in droves. Some notable ones include the Chicago police, responsible for shooting and killing 17-year-old Laquan McDonald. The Baltimore police too, who were responsible for killing 25-year-old Freddie Gray. And the St. Louis department, which was deployed in Ferguson when protests erupted after police killed 18-year-old Michael Brown—prompting Palestinians halfway across the world to begin tweeting Advice for minimizing injuries when police deploy tear gas. U.S. police departments are sent to Israel, or sometimes Israeli forces come to the United States, under the pretense of "Counter-terrorism training." (taken from Foreign Policy in Focus article 2018)...EVEN IF US POLICE FORCES DISCONTINUE THIS BRUTALIZING 'TRAINING' the DAMAGE has already been done and countless numbers of American citizens have been maimed or killed in the process....WHY? --this goes MUCH deeper than 'irregularities' at DOJ...and goes back thru a number of Administrations including Obama's. We the People need to pay ATTENTION to what is done in our names and by whom.


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