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Ex-Officers Charged in George Floyd's Death, DOJ Continues Criminal Probe of Civil Rights Violations as 'Top Priority'
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  • Miriam
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    MOST Americans do recognize that police across the nation seemed to be more "militarized" than say, before the 2000s....I wonder how many have looked into this, because I have. INTERESTINGLY enough, there IS a definitive reason why. Since the early 2000s over 11,000 (THOUSAND) local police agency representatives have been SENT OVERSEAS and received "training" in militarizing local police forces by a government known as the world's only Apartheid government, to whom US taxpayers send more than $11MILLION /DAILY and have been doing so for decades. A government that BRUTALIZES the civilian population they suppress and are used to 'targeted assassinations' as a way of dealing with their "Untermenschen". US police forces, over 11,000 of them (conservatively speaking) have received this 'training' in police brutality from Israel bought and paid for, for the most part by ADL and other 'non profit' agencies in the US. Do a google search and see how very little has been written or analyzed about this brutalization and militarization of the 'men in blue' who used to be community assets. A quick google check provided me with this Human Rights organization called "AMNESTY USA" (part of Amnesty International) to post this: "......Baltimore law enforcement officials, along with hundreds of others from Florida, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, California, Arizona, Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Georgia, Washington state as well as the DC Capitol police have ALL traveled to Israel for training. Thousands of others have received training from Israeli officials here in the U.S. Since 2002, the Anti-Defamation League, the American Jewish Committee’s Project Interchange & Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA) have paid for police chiefs, assistant chiefs and captains to train in Israel & the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT)....." read it @ and more.


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