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Ex-Officers Charged in George Floyd's Death, DOJ Continues Criminal Probe of Civil Rights Violations as 'Top Priority'
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  • Matt
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    Honestly, i support the decision but sadly i do not support the fact that this shit keeps happening. Racial injustice is a major problem in the United States. We had a black man murdered by police, we had a black woman killed bc the police mistakenly raided her apartment while she was asleep, and we had a white woman in central park call the cops on a black man who tried to politely tell her “Hey, you need to wear a mask”. When will these things end? And then when the black people who are outraged about these injustices protest, they’re suddenly met with tear gas, riot gear, and the National Guard is called. Perhaps maybe we shouldn’t be racially intolerant in the first place and then racially motivated crimes like the murder of this man or the harassment of that man in central park, and the race riots that result from them, wont be occurring.

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