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Defending ‘Free Speech From One of the Gravest Dangers’ – Do You Support Trump’s Executive Order Against Social Media Companies?
by Causes
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  • Cynthia
    Voted Oppose

    No, he is just upset about criticism. When you are in politics one has to expect some critics. This is America, after all, free speech is a fundamental constitutional right. He can’t take that away with an executive order or any other kind of order! Unlesss he is planning on becoming a permanent President by force. The military would have to be complicit and support him against the uprising of the people, but I pray he doesn’t take things that far. I am sure, though, that Putin is advising him. He isn’t smart enough on his own to know how to slowly dismantle our freedoms and rights to do it. However, I hope that the people don’t stand for it and fight him.

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