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‘Close Them Down’: Trump Threatens Action Against Social Media Platforms – Should Trump Take Action Against Twitter?
by Axios
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  • Abbi
    Voted No

    lol social media is a platform to speak to others. If we don’t like their policies or the fact they called us out on dangerous bs then too bad, so sad, it’s their right as a private company. Donny should leave voluntarily if he doesn’t like being fact checked. Or get the medical help he needs to stop lying but narcissists never check with out court ordered therapy. And I would like to see the 25 amendment invoked, we already have kids in cages, Native American burial sites blown up for a stupid wall, police violence encouraged, and 100k people dead from a virus he knew was coming in February and didn’t bother with a pandemic response. What’s it gonna take we see the worst case scenarios playing out again and again and no crisis would be this bad if we had President Bernie all this time.

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