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Coronavirus Has Killed More Than 100,000 Americans - Here's What That Means
by Countable's Coronavirus Info Center
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  • Beth
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    New Zealand just discharged the last COVID-19 patient from the hospital. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern imposed harsh restrictions. She closed borders early. There were no meetings with friends, no traveling by car unless it was to go shopping for food or medicine. New Zealanders didn’t complain, they didn’t protest, they simply followed the rules. In the New Zealand papers, every single loss of life was mourned individually. The country worked to improve its testing & tracing capabilities. The country had a total of 1,504 confirmed or probable cases of the virus and only 21 deaths. Michael Baker, professor of public health said, “You actually throw everything at the pandemic early on," he said. "So at the point that we had 100 cases, no fatalities, around the 23rd of March, a decision was made to go for this elimination approach, and that meant putting the whole country into this very intense lockdown for the best part of six weeks." Compare that to our administration’s actions, or lack thereof. Over 100,000 dead. Our leader is too busy patting himself on the back. Mourning losses would get in the way of his campaign. Testing, tracing, an inadequate medical system complete with lack of PPE & ventilators, tRump & co. denying science & challenging State leadership taking an educated, proactive approach, and here we are returning to work...with numbers still rising in many places. We could have done what New Zealand did...if only we had effective leadership! tRump and those who support him, own this outcome.

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