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The DC: U.S. coronavirus death toll passes 100,000
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  • larubia

    Countable, could we please also talk about the death rate of black men & women in the USA? We have an elephant in the room that NO ONE seems to want to talk about, including Countable! We have our black brothers and sisters dying from COVID-19 at much higher rates, than other races. The economic & health care inequalities, built on the inherent racism still alive and well, are staring us right in the face. We can measure this. We can call it out. My question is when are we going to do something about this??? Furthermore, in the past months we have witnessed another two black men, Ahmaud Aubrey and George Floyd, killed IN FRONT OF OUR EYES, for no reason other than racism!!! Yet, NOTHING was done until the cries for justice were too loud to ignore! We have a problem!!! WHEN are we going to address this??? Black people are dying...because of the continued oppression built on pervasive culture of racism in our country. That racism extends to other people of color to varying degrees, but theirs is built on an ugly history of slavery, dehumanization, and oppression that continues to be played out on a grand scale in the form of prison labor, reduced education and economic opportunities, and death. When will we address the elephant in the room? “WHEN?” says this white girl sick of other white people’s racist shit!

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