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Coronavirus Has Killed More Than 100,000 Americans - Here's What That Means
by Countable's Coronavirus Info Center
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  • jimK
    Voted Angry

    The trump toll keeps rising. For those of us not in some alternate universe it is clear that almost all of these Covid-19 needless US deaths are due to the trump’s incompetence, inability to lead, inability to listen to experts, and his personal ‘dreamscape’ worldview. I believe that his education regarding how the world works comes from watching too many B movies, where the ‘hero’ has to vanquish his evil enemies by any means possible, because they are all secretly conspiring against him. The ‘hero’ can break any and all rules because he is ‘right’ and there are no consequences for any of his actions. In B movies the ‘hero’ never has to think about or deal with the aftermath of his actions, all decisions are made reactively and not proactively. The trump is successful with this strategy because most Americans have short memories and whatever stupid thing he did two weeks ago is forgotten due to today’s newly outrageous news which dominates our attention. He has not led our country in thwarting this pandemic. He has not led the people of our country to do what is necessary. He has done everything conceivable to distract us from the facts and risks. He has dangerously tried to blame anyone and everyone else for his inept handling of this crisis and, in so doing, has dangerously alienated allies and world cooperation which will be essential for the world to defeat this virus and for a world-wide economic recovery.

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