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Coronavirus Has Killed More Than 100,000 Americans - Here's What That Means
by Countable's Coronavirus Info Center
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  • KellyKelly
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    What this means is that trump epically failed. His delayed actions led to this modern day horrific unfair purge of life. One can’t open the economy when more than a third of the people are terrified to come out - and they don’t because we don’t have an organized national test, trace, isolate plan because trump won’t place the orders or enact DPA. He squandered with the tax cut for the rich during a time none of them needed it, racking up $2T of debt, and now when the public does need help, he sits on the sidelines playing politics while people starve. He’d rather cut Medicare, Medicaid, social security and Obamacare to keep giving to corporations and high net earners - when I know tons of citizens who are struggling just to get legitimate unemployment benefits. Elect Biden: he understands health and finances go hand in hand and has a national plan to help get us out of this mess and actually get the economy going without risking lives.

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