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‘Close Them Down’: Trump Threatens Action Against Social Media Platforms – Should Trump Take Action Against Twitter?
by Axios
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  • frostyone
    Voted Yes

    Most of you here wouldn’t have a clue about conservative censorship, because none of your left-wing “progressive” crap ever gets blocked, de-monitized, or have their channel and content completely removed. You can’t hardly find a conservative channel on YouTube that is monitized any longer. The tech gods are doing their level-best to discourage and censor opposing views to their socialist agenda. Brian Stelter and Don Lemon (accused of sexual assault) will lie to your face to make you think that it’s all some wild right-wing conspiracy theory. It’s not a theory, it’s FACT! Either you realize it, and you’re ok with it, or you’re too misled by your DNC controlled media to know the truth.

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