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‘Close Them Down’: Trump Threatens Action Against Social Media Platforms – Should Trump Take Action Against Twitter?
by Axios
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  • Brian
    Voted No

    1. This is a complete farce. This president has gotten where he is BECAUSE OF HIS TWITTER ACCOUNT, so of course he's not going to shut it down. The only way he could preserve his favorite form of communication while punishing it would be to buy it himself. 2. Twitter is a private platform and has the right to censor or monitor all content on its platform. If "conservatives" don't like it, they can start their own platform. It's not free speech because it's a private platform. 3. It's about time some social media started to act on this president's constant lies and misinformation. I wish they'd do more. If President Obama had tweeted so much misinformation or untruth, conservatives would have been irate.

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