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House Republicans File Lawsuit to Block Democrats' Proxy Voting Plan As Unconstitutional
by Causes
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  • Joe
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    The Republican president has proven that he doesn’t care if he spreads COVID-19 by refusing to wear a mask or to comply with social distancing. So with him as an example am I surprised that the Republicans want to congregate and that they show no concern for their fellow man. If our GREAT president had done as Taiwan has done it is projected that LESS than 100 people would have died from COVID19. Instead 100,000 have died and our economy is in the trash. Of course they want to re-elect Trump. Because almost all of the sitting Republicans have sold their souls for him. They say that history repeats itself. Well the Republicans in the House and the Senate must really feel like they’re part of history because they are doing the same thing that Hitler‘s people did leading up to the war. Mitch McConnell are you really proud of yourself?


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