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Dr. Fauci: Stay-at-Home Orders Could Cause 'Irreparable Damage' If Imposed For Too Long
by Causes
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  • Joan
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    I do think that at some point we need to come to terms with the fact that the coronavirus is going to be with us for the long term and we cannot all stay at home for months or even into 2021. HOWEVER, what is missing in this so called administration is the clear and consistent leadership in social policies needed. There need to be not just vague 'guidelines' but rules/laws about how to behave in public and consequences when these rules are not adhered to. The consequences must be applied every single time. This message has to be the same from the top down in the entire country. We have seen over the holiday weekend that Americans simply don't know how to behave. And it's no wonder when we have so-called leaders just sitting back and allowing such behaviors to continue. And in some cases, like Ted Cruz going for a haircut with the law-breaking blond white woman, the so-called leaders encouraging disrespect for the regulations. We need science-based regulations to move forward in public and hard core enforcement of these regulations at every level. As a 68 year old, there is no way that I can feel safe in society with the current chaotic situation.

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