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Trump Slams Study That Suggests Earlier Lockdown Could Have Saved 36,000 Lives
by Axios
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  • Michael
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    Sickening spin on leave a comment - Should the U.S. have started a lockdown earlier? - Yes or No - Just little more to it than that - This BS flip-flop of Media and University groups to spin up and control the Shepeople - We advised you not to stop flights in and now we tell you should have stopped them sooner - Circle BS talk that serves their purpose for the time, control, and attention they want. "Stand for something or Fall for anything" - Look your not in college anymore and you can think for yourself - you do not have to write or talk the way your professor says for a grade. Media and Socialists Dem's were the push back on closing US entry early - but they can never be accountable for anything - If you said it then stand up and say you said it - waffling weak minded Shepeople - just sickening.


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