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The DC: 🏠 Fauci cautions against 'irreparable damage' of excessive stay-at-home orders, and... Are you worried about rising 'deaths of despair'?
by Causes
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  • Maureen

    This has been my major concern from the earliest days of the lockdowns! I am a Physician, but have also been a patient which resulted in YEARS of isolation due to severe hospital acquired infections...friends & relatives were afraid to visit me fearing risk of infection to themselves, their families, or ME! This was BEFORE AMAZON & Uber-eats, etc. I lived alone and it was the HARDEST THING I’ve EVER BEEN THROUGH! It made me STRONGER...I kept a positive attitude & hope...BUT I’m NOT the person I was before! I used to be extremely active, outgoing, successful, Happy, etc, Now, I am afraid of going through that again. If you have your HEALTH....FIGHT to get your life back NOW! DON’T let this destroy your life!

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