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Officials Warn ‘Deaths of Despair’ May Rise Amid Pandemic-Induced Isolation & Joblessness - Are You Concerned?
by Causes
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  • Joan
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    I can understand how these times can lead many with illnesses, lonliness, and/or threat of job loss among many issues to despair and make worse addictions or commit suicide. I consider myself relatively healthy from a mental health standpoint and I am beginning to have extreme worry and despair that this country will ever recover from this pandemic. The so-called leaders are creating shear chaos with unclear, inconsistent or no messaging, and now even politicizing the CDC so that even those like myself who follow the news closely are finding it more and more difficult to discern factual health information. How can we survive in this atmosphere? The only way out is to get rid of the WH resident. He is the one who is the root of all these problems. We must have real leaders, ones who can give a factual and consistent message, ones who care about what is happening to the American people, ones who aren't selfish and narcisisstic. Please, get rid of the WH resident and help move us forward. We have had enough of his BS.

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