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Should the U.S. Continue to Celebrate Confederate Memorial Day?
by Causes
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  • Bullmom
    Voted Yes

    Many of you seem to base your answer on how things are today - what is acceptable and what is not - that’s why even for most criminal cases there is a statute of limitations- (although the me too movement does seem to ignore any length of time - don’t get your shorts in a knot I am female and actually worked during most of that - and frankly the women I knew took care of it and moved on) - it’s impossible to put the same limits or boundaries on something that happened hundreds of years ago (behavior) - there was some good and we should honor that - and it isn’t about white supremacy- not EVERYTHING is about race - but of course some will always want to punish or dwell on the negatives - this nation has progressed - doesn’t mean we are done

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