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Should the U.S. Continue to Celebrate Confederate Memorial Day?
by Causes
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  • George
    Voted Yes

    This is a tough one. To disrespect the quarter million confederate soldiers who died fighting for slavery seems to me to be no different than to disrepect the 40,000 soldiers who died in Viet Nam fighting a war that should never have been fought. There are plenty of other examples of unwarranted American aggression that cost American lives. It's not a question of whether slavery is worse than imperialism. It's a question of brave and selfless men (and now women) putting their lives on the line for their country (in this case the confederate country). I cannot bring myself to dishonor one confederate soldier who died in a trench doing what he believed to be right, however misguided. Let's not dishonor them. Let's dishonor war and leaders who don't think of it as the last resort.


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