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Trump: 'We’re Not Closing Our Country' for Second Coronavirus Wave - Are You Concerned for a Second Wave?
by Axios
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  • Marylynn
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    Check out the following link about the protest that occurred in KY, where armed protesters stormed the governor's home and capitol building.. The following is a statement that a so called man of God made: Pastor Cliff Christman said that law isn’t relative, and to understand the country’s laws, one should understand Biblical law. “This has been one of the biggest shams in world history,” Christman said. “Grown men have been hiding in (their) homes nearly wetting their pants over this invisible enemy that nobody sees. Where is it at? Let it come out and face us. I serve the one true and living God who conquers all enemies. Why should we give our freedom and our liberties up for such fear (and) propaganda and all the garbage that is coming out of Frankfort today?” I guess Comrade Bone Spurs has inspired pastors to lie for him, claiming to virus is an invisible enemy, when in fact it's scum like Comrade Bone Spurs and Cliff Christman that are spawn of Satan and will do everything in their power to continually spread their toxic lies. Let's send a message to pastors like Christman to keep their big fat lying pieholes shut....

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